Best cigarette ashtrays 2019

If you are a regular smoker, you are probably always surrounded by smoking accessories like cigarette lighters and ashtrays. If your ashtrays have become old and are looking for the best cigarette ashtrays online, here are some popular choices of 2019:

Com-Four Skull

Made from an unbreakable poly-resin material, this 12cms ashtray has a funky design like an open-headed skull. It is a very popular gift item because of its eye-catching design. The radical design makes it one of the best cigarette ashtrays available online.

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Pucktar Skull Lovers

This ashtray is a variation on the “horror” theme and had two skulls fixed to a shallow dish to form the cigarette ashtray. This is another item that makes a perfect gift.

Knight Revolving Ashtray

This is a sturdy, metal ashtray that is available in three colors, red, blue and black. It has a simple retro design, is easy to clean, and is light. Its simplistic design makes it a good choice if you need more than one piece to use around the house.

Com-Four Stuck V1

This model glows in the dark and can be located easily. It is an anti-odor and windproof and is one of the best cigarette ashtrays for your hunting, camping, and trekking excursions.

Signstek Rotating Ashtray

This ashtray has a rotating lid that is made of melamine to cover the stubs and ash. The ash collecting dish is made of top-quality porcelain, making it a sleek, attractive, and classy ashtray.


This model is made of durable glass and looks very simple yet attractive. The glass is heat-proof and there are two shelves that can be stacked one of top of each other for the cigarette butts, making it a very compact piece.

BTSky Smokeless

Like the Com-Four V1, this too is a sleek windproof model and can be used in the outdoors very conveniently. It has a lid and is smokeless and odorless. It looks neat indoors as well and its simple design will not clash with your home décor.

Com-Four Solid Glass

These are the best cigarettes ashtrays for chain-smokers who need an ashtray in every room. They are made of thick, heatproof glass and come in a set of 4 pieces at affordable rates.

Whether you smoke cigars or cigarettes, you are definitely going to need an ashtray near at hand. This is a list of some of the latest popular brands and designs that are considered the best cigarette ashtrays currently on the market.