Do women like smokers?

It is well known that women who smoke, according to men’s opinion, are generally not attractive. Most men even state that women who consume cigarettes are physically and mentally unattractive and they tend to reject them regardless of their physical appearance. However, what is the situation like when we ask women about men smokers? Do women like smokers? Let’s find out.

The adorned rebel looks

We are all aware that women have (unfortunately) been attracted by rebels, “tough guys” and even gangsters rather than calm, tidy and “good boys” (or those resembling them). The reasons should be looked for in female psychology and the state and psychology of the society in general. It is true that smoking and cigarettes are one of the essential parts of the “tough guy” and rebellious look. Led by such trends, even teenage females of the 80s and 90s have been smoking in order to come close to that so much adorned rebel looks. However, it seems that smoking is finally frowned upon by the new generations. Healthy lifestyle trends have contributed to this state as well. Consequently, the answer to the “Do women like smokers?” question is more and more a simple and decisive “No”.

Mr. Charming? Not anymore!

As the first paragraph implies, movies, especially gangster ones tend to show that men who smoke are attractive. This was a generally accepted opinion in the past. Nowadays, it seems that a cigarette in a man’s hand does not contribute to his charm anymore. Most women claim they find smokers less attractive! This is great news and motivation for all those who are trying to quit smoking. Majority of women state that they tend to rejected smokers. Some women say that they cannot even imagine themselves in a relationship with a smoker.

When it comes to the reasons for such opinions, these are the most common ones named by women:

  1. The smell of cigarettes,
  2. Health concerns (both their partner and their own health),
  3. Bad breath,
  4. Bad taste when kissing them.

Interestingly, more and more women say that consumers of electronic cigarettes are also unattractive. The surveys show that almost half of the smokers’ population don’t admit being smokers on their social network profiles. This reflects the awareness of how unattractive smoking is.

Smoking cigarettes is slowly, but certainly becoming a negative trend which is frowned upon both by men and women although smoking cigars still shows a level of class.