Does hypnosis work to quit smoking

One of the most important reasons why it is difficult to decide to quit smoking is fear. Fear of what? Fear that life might become less pleasant, less fun, as well as fear of being unable to cope with the urge to smoke. There are many ways to quit smoking. One of them is hypnosis.

Hypnosis is one of the methods by which information from our subconscious is obtained. Hypnosis is neither mysterious nor complicated; it is the language of inner communication between our consciousness, which deals with external events through the senses, and our subconscious, which deals with our internal events through the feelings.

Hypnosis provides direct access to the part of our mind that keeps and triggers all our attitudes, habits and automatic reactions. Can hypnosis solve some addictions and does hypnosis work to quit smoking? Let’s find out.

Mechanism behind hypnosis

You know that smoking is a bad choice for you. However, when you try to quit smoking, the addiction that is settled comfortably in your subconscious does not allow you to do so. This often resembles a battle with an invisible and cunning opponent. Your conscious self pulls you to one side, and your unconscious self to the other. This is truly frustrating. Hypnosis is a simple and natural technique that helps you to depict the desired, positive thoughts, or belief, into your subconscious. This belief replaces the existing, negative and harmful belief, in this case, the need for a cigarette. In this way your addiction disappears.

Does hypnosis affect everyone in the same way?

If you are wondering does hypnosis work to quit smoking, some people will quit smoking immediately after the hypnosis session, while others will feel a decrease in the smoking urge. Sometimes, several sessions are required in order to completely quit smoking.

It can really help with habitual patterns, and hopefully break them. So if use a torch lighter to smoke then hypnosis could help you change that pattern.

Some medical doctors support this method, while others, more conventional ones, oppose it. However, as hypnosis is a completely harmless and safe method during which the patient is mentally and physically relaxed, in a state of somewhat narrow, but still alert consciousness and there are no side effects, the benefits of hypnosis cannot be disputed. Your motivation and willingness to cooperate with your hypnotherapist are extremely important preconditions for the successful outcome of hypnosis.

Hypnosis does not have side-effects and its positive effects on quitting smoking have been proven in a significant number of patients.