Have a relaxing time at cigar bars in Brisbane

Brisbane is known for a lot of things, but mainly it is known for all the wonderful cigar bars it is flooded with. There are several cigars places at Brisbane, Australia and all these places offer the most premium cigars one place can offer. Thus if you are planning a trip to some place and if you are a huge cigar fanatic, then you should definitely go for this place. You will not at all be disappointed. Instead you will be left wanting for more. You will find yourself planning more and more trips to this place because of all the wonderful cigars it has to offer.

Some of the best cigar bars you should definitely try in Brisbane

There is the Paladar Fumior Salon Espresso and Cigar bar. You will recognize the place with the red building made of bricks which is quite unique and eye catching. The place is located at a slightly industrial area. The place has been rightly described as a bit of Havana one can definitely get if one visits the downtown Brisbane. On paying a visit to the place, you will find that it a small cigar bar with excellent and top notch collection of only the premium cigars. Their coffee is also excellent and really gives you the ump your boring day needs.

Mado Turkish also serves some really good food

Next comes the mado Turkish restaurant which also has a cigar bar in it. The restaurant is located at Southbank and you will have a good time there. Not only do they offer the most premium and best of cigars, the food here is also worth trying. You will be getting the best Turkish dishes you could have asked for. Also the ambience of the place is very relaxing and lets you have the time of your life. There is also an outside place where you can go for a smoke and have a nice conversation or simply spend some quality time with yourself.

Another extremely popular cigar bar amongst the locals of Brisbane is the junk bar. The place has also made a name amidst the celebrities of Brisbane. They offer some really good collection of cigars paired with some premium scotch. The ambience of the place is what makes it so much appealing to the people. It is quite an unique one with dim or low lighting, furniture’s absolutely mismatched and comfortable rugs.