Lovers of Cigars Need to Have the Top Cigar Brands to Enhance their Satisfaction

Cigars are not just cigars unlike the way some of us have always concluded it. The top cigar brands are basically those cigars that have been manufactured from the right kind of tobacco. The tobacco used in making these cigars must have been grown using the right conditions, picked and fermented while following the right channels and rolling them into fine cigars using the right material. When cigars are manufactured, rolling is not just rolling using any type of material but using a very unique material that does provide the right kind of flavor when a cigar is smoked. When these elements are achieved, then we can conclude that it is a top cigar brand.

Which are the top cigar brands worth knowing of?

Like we have just said, there are a number of factors which makes a cigar one of the best and the top cigar brand. These factors include: the body, the filler, wrapping material, how it burns and the consistency of how it burns. The consistency of how a cigarette burns is what brings about enthusiasm among the smokers. Therefore, here are the top cigar brands you need to know.

The Macanudo cigars are the best in terms of flavor and the general outlook. It has its origin in the Dominican Republic. It is believed that the filer originated from the Dominican state. It has a very good binder that is believed to Tuxtla Valley of Mexico. The flavor in this cigar is also nice and you will feel it running down your nerves. This is also good when taken with whiskey.

The Arturo Fuente is also another top brand cigar and the cigar maker is known as Carlos Fuente. This a handmade cigar that has one of the best flavors in the world and that is the reason behind why people from all over the world have fallen in love with it. It has the best flavor that comes from spices such as the gran reserva. From these spices, the cigar is so “sweet” to some extent and the consistency is also wonderful as compared to other cigars and this is the reason why it is one of the top cigar brands you can find.

Ashton cigars are also considered the top brand cigars in other parts of the world simply because it has a breath taking flavor. The rich flavor range from mild to concentrate depending on what you like. It has been rolled perfectly and packed in boxes of different sizes.