Relax with your friends, families at cigar bars in Texas

It takes some time to get acquainted with the taste and smell of cigars. Not everyone are able to acquire it. But if you fall under that small number of people who love to smoke themselves some good and premium level cigar, are always looking out for a place where they can enjoy a good smoke.

There are some of the best cigar cafes in Texas

There are several restaurants and cigar bars you will come across if you are in Texas and you should definitely pay a visit to them. These top class places not only have the best collection of the cigars, but they also have an extremely good collection of whiskeys, scotches and wines to be paired with the cigars.

Addison Cigar and the Tobacco club lets you enjoy the best cigar

There is the Addison Cigar and Tobacco club which is situated very near to the Addison Airport. It is located so that it overlooks the runway and what can be a more better location to smoke one. The place is filled with plush and comfy chairs and sofas and has a big humidor. Being a member of the club will also give you lots of additional benefits in terms of spending more and more time at their opulent and classy lounge.

There is this place known as Cigar art and you will find it at the friendly area of Bishop Arts district. The bar is not a huge one, but the cigars they offer her is enough to blow your mind off. You can always visit this place if you want something simple and have the best time of your life. The bar is decorated in a very simple yet manly manner.

Javier’s Lounge also serves some of the best food

One of the best and most famous place you can think of visiting is the Javier’s Lounge and Cigar Bar. It is not just some typical or common place of eatery. They serve some excellent food apart from serving some of the highest quality of cigars. The best part about this place is that you can even bring in your own cigar and have a nice and relaxing time smoking here.

There is also the elite cigar cafe. This place is located at the trendy and most busy area in Addison. Elite has his own brand of cigars which you can definitely give a try or you can also choose from the classics. The place is adorned with flat inch screens and comfiest.