What are the best cigarette lighters in 2018?

If you are wondering what are the best cigarette lighters, then search no further. Here is a list of the top 9 lighters of 2018:

  1. Clipper’s Metal Lighter – this product has a sleek steel-like metal finish. It works on gasoline and is rechargeable. The greatest advantage of this lighter is that it is windproof and can be used outdoors as well without the flame going out.
  2. Clipper’s Jet Flame – this is another metal-bodied cigarette and cigar lighter from the same company. It works on butane and ejects a jet-like flame that does not go off easily.
  3. Emma’s Cigarette-shaped lighter – this is shaped exactly like a cigarette and looks very nice. So maybe this answers your question what are the best cigarette lighters. It is rechargeable and is also refillable with butane gas on which the flame works.
  4. Camecho 12V – this is another unique piece in cigarette and cigar lighters. It is actually a car backup lighter that has an adapter attachment and plug-in system to suit most modern cars.
  5. Emsmil Arc Beam – this cigarette lighter has a double-plasma arc instead of a flame to light your cigarette. It does not use any gas and is environmentally friendly. It is rechargeable and you do not have to refill any gas. It is flameless, hence it is windproof too.
  6. Tacklife Arc Lighter – this product has a plasma arc that is nearly 400 times stronger than other lighters. It can be used for lighting BBQs and camping stoves as well. Ronson Arty – this has an art-décor design in black and white and is a stylish cigarette-cigar lighter. This jet-flame and windproof lighter comes in a sleek metal case and is a superb gift item.
  7. Topsense – is a great cigarette lighter that has a USB capability, is flameless and windproof and comes in three colors of black, pink, and blue.
  8. Ronson Curtain – this is made from durable gunmetal and has an equally sleek design like the Arty. What are the best cigarette lighters? The ones that are rechargeable, refillable, have a jet flame and come in a gift case too.
  9. Pixnor Universal – made from flame-resistant plastic, this cigarette lighter is waterproof and has an adapter for motorbikes, tractors, riding mowers, cars, and most other vehicles.

Any of the above lighters will spark up your dart in style and help you look like a boss while doing so, enjoy smoking responsibly!