What cigarettes do people smoke in Bali?

The natural beauty of Bali attracts millions of tourists all year round. They add to the existing cigar or cigarette smoke in the air and pollute it. Keeping in mind the environment and the safety of people on the islands, there are some customs regulations that tourists have to follow in order to enter the country. If you intend visiting Bali in the near future, then you are probably asking yourself what cigarettes do people smoke in Bali.

According to the customs rules in Bali, tourists are allowed to bring in a maximum stock of following tobacco-related items:

  • 200 cigarettes or
  • 50 cigars or
  • 100gms of chewable tobacco.

If your stock is within these limits then you need not ask what cigarettes do people smoke in Bali. But if you are carrying more than these amounts while entering into Bali, you will be levied a heavy customs duty. They love the kretek cigarettes in Indonesia which are very sweet tasting due to the cloves in them. Sampoerna and Gudang Garam are the 2 most popular cigarette choices of the Balinese locals.

Why would you bring cigarettes into Bali? The cost of cigarettes is so cheap that there is no real point in bringing cigarettes into the place. Here are some rules to know when smoking in Bali.

Smoking in Bali

Medical facilities

There are very strict no-smoking rules in clinics, laboratories, private or public hospitals, maternity hospitals, and other facilities where sick people are undergoing medical treatments.

Educational establishments

Locals as well as tourists are not permitted to smoke in the premises of schools, private coaching centers, colleges, universities, etc. The reason is that it will teach children bad habits.

Children’s parks

The Balinese people are very conscious about preventing passive smoking in children because adults around them are smoking. So there is a strict ban on smoking in and around the recreational facilities, public or private, where small children are playing.

Sacred places

Smoking inside temples, mosques, and other places of worship is considered a punishable crime on the islands of Bali. The locals and tourists are expected to respect the sanctity of the place.

Public transport

Smoking in public transport like buses, trains, or taxis is also banned because not everyone likes the smell of cigarette smoke and some people may even be allergic to smoke.

The no-smoking rules are not very stringent and fines are sometimes imposed on those who violate the rules. But as long as you follow the Bali regulations you will be fine.