What cigarettes do people smoke in Thailand?

Thailand is a favorite tourist destination for people across the world. It has a wonderful combination of picturesque beaches, modern hotels and resorts, and other tourist attractions that makes it a coveted tourist hot-spot. But if you can’t do without smoking cigarettes, when you want to visit Thailand, the question arises what cigarettes do people smoke in Thailand? So if you have planned a vacation in the near future, it will help you to know some of their regulations about smoking.

In 2017, the country’s Marine & Coastal Resources Research & Development Center has conducted a beach cleaning operation. Nearly 100,000 cigarette butts were reportedly found on just the Cha-am Beach. Thailand has about 357 beaches and more than a 37 million tourists coming from all over the world. Even if only a small percentage of these tourists are smokers, the amount of cigarette butts littering the beaches would amount to a large volume.

At present, the following tobacco-related items can be imported into Thailand by tourists without having to pay customs duty:

  • 200 cigarettes or cigars
  • Loose tobacco 250gms maximum.

Narcotics of any kind are completely banned. Even if you possess a doctor’s prescription for items like morphine or other medical-related narcotics, you are still not permitted to carry them into the country.

**The ban on smoking on 20 of the most popular beaches of Thailand was imposed for many reasons. The first and obvious reason was that both active smoking and passive smoking are harmful for the health and because of the pollution caused from people littering their cigarette butts everywhere.

Besides this, the cigarette butts that are thrown around on the beaches are carried by the waves into the sea. Cigarettes release toxins like cadmium, arsenic, lead, etc. into the sea water. So when 100,000 butts are washed away into the sea you can image what a horrendous environmental impact it will have! When these fish are consumed by humans, they will cause negative side effects in the people who have eaten the seafood. Once these toxins have entered our bodies they are difficult to get rid of.

No wonder Thailand has declared a fine of more than US$3000 for smoking on their beautiful beaches. So don’t waste time asking what cigarettes do people smoke in Thailand? Don’t smoke in Thailand and have a great vacation without them.